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Helsinki Final Act and Détente (July 26, 1985)

European Integration and National Interests (1962)

Walter Hallstein and Europe (October 24, 1966)

Great Britain Remains Skeptical of Europe (January 2, 1973)

The European Monetary System (December 6, 1978)

Franco-German Friendship in the 1970s (Retrospective Account, 1996)

The Beginning of the Kohl Era in West Germany (October 4, 1982)

The Single European Act (February 17/28, 1986)

On the Path to the European Union (November 19, 1981)

A United Europe: Differing Levels of Attractiveness among Individual Member States (September 25, 1987)

From 10 to 12: Enlarging the European Community to Include Portugal and Spain (December 7, 1984)

Europe as Homeland (Retrospective Account, 2004)

Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker on the Meaning of Being German (1986)

A Liberal Intellectual Reflects on the Burden of “Being German” (1983)

The Petersberg Agreement (November 22, 1949)

Western Declaration on Germany, the European Defense Community, and Berlin (May 27, 1952)

Protocol on the Accession of the Federal Republic of Germany to the North Atlantic Treaty (Paris, October 23, 1954)

OMGUS Survey of German Opinions on the Organization of Europe (August 1947)