GHI Project Team


German History in Documents and Images (GHDI) is the product of close cooperation between the editors and the GHI-based project team, whose members are listed below in alphabetical order.

Daniel Burckhardt

Technical developer Daniel Burckhardt designed the GHDI backend, integrated the search engine, implemented the presentation layer, and developed the TEI schema. At the GHI, Daniel works on German History Intersections and Migrant Connections, as well as other digital history initiatives.

Katharina Hering

Digital project librarian Katharina (Katja) Hering is responsible for collection management (Collective Access), bilingual thesaurus development, and rights and reproduction research and administration. She also supports the GHDI editorial program and is the contact person for digital maps. Katja also works on German History Intersections and Migrant Connections and edits the GHI’s digital history blog href.

Simone Lässig

Simone Lässig is the director of the GHI and, as such, the leader of the GHDI project team. She is a cultural and social historian of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Her research focuses on the history of knowledge, migration, memory cultures and memory politics, digital history, and educational media.

Insa Kummer

Insa Kummer has been managing the project since May 2023. She coordinates the GHI-based project team and works with sponsors, partners, volume editors, freelancers, and other external contributors on all aspects of the editorial program. Insa also co-managed the German History Intersections project.

Elisabeth Mait

Elisabeth Mait supports GHDI by transcribing textual sources in German script and Fraktur, by digitizing sources and preparing them for TEI markup, and by proofreading texts.

Kelly McCullough

Kelly McCullough is the founding project manager of GHDI. She led the GHI-based project team from 2003 until April 2023. Kelly also co-manages the German History Intersection project and manages the GHI’s book series with Cambridge University Press.

Josh Seale

Josh Seale was a GHDI project contributor in 2021–2022, during which time he supported the editorial program as a copyeditor, translator, proofreader, and researcher. He also digitized texts and prepared them for TEI markup.