The period following the elections to the Frankfurt National Assembly (also known as the German National Assembly or the Frankfurt Parliament) in the summer of 1848 saw, among other things, the establishment of a constitutional committee entrusted with drafting a charter of basic rights. The charter was passed on December 27, 1848, but was never enforced. The committee included parliamentarians from the entire political spectrum, such as Prince Felix von Lichnowsky (1814–1848) from the ultraconservatives (murdered by a Frankfurt mob in September 1848) and Robert Blum (1807–1848) from the democratic left (summarily executed in Vienna by imperial troops in November of that year). The image shows (top row, from left to right) Carl Welcker, Heinrich Simon, Friedrich Dahlmann, Heinrich Ahrens; (second row) J. L. Tellkampf, Felix Lichnowsky, F. D. Bassermann, Georg Waitz, Gabriel Riesser; (third row) F. J. Wigard, Robert Blum, F.G. Detmold, Friedrich Römer; (fourth row) Johann Droysen, G. Ch. Schüler, Ernst Scheller, Carl Mittermaier, Franz Schreiner; (fifth row) Carl Georg Beseler, Robert von Mohl, Karl Wippermann, Hermann von Beckerath; (sixth row) Ernst von Lassaulx, Peter Franz Deiters, Karl Jürgens, Moritz Briegleb, and Gerhard Compes. Wood engraving by unknown artist, January 1849.

The Constitutional Committee of the Frankfurt National Assembly (1849)


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