On the night of November 24–25, 1987, employees of the Ministry for State Security (also known as the Stasi) accompanied by a state attorney, occupied the Environmental Library, confiscated all its printers and copies of the magazine Umweltblätter [Environmental Pamphlets], and arrested seven members of the library staff, including Wolfgang Rüddenklau and Bert Schlegel. The arrests prompted an overwhelming show of solidarity with the Umwelt-Bibliothek [Environmental Library], both within the GDR and abroad, forcing the SED regime to abandon its position. This picture shows Johanna (actually Annette) Kalex (center), a member of the independent Dresden opposition group Wolf’s Coat [Wolfspelz], at a vigil at the Church of Zion. Kalex was among the many who turned out to protest the Stasi operation.

Umwelt-Bibliothek [Environmental Library] (1987)


Source: Photo and copyright: Ann-Christine Jansson. Available from the Archive of the Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft or from the photographer.

© Ann-Christine Jansson

Umwelt-Bibliothek [Environmental Library] (1987), published in: German History in Documents and Images, <https://germanhistorydocs.org/en/two-germanies-1961-1989/ghdi:image-2837> [December 07, 2023].