The Comité International de Dachau (Dachau International Prisoners’ Committee) was founded in 1955 on the 10th anniversary of the camp’s liberation. The group campaigned for the establishment of a memorial at the former camp. In 1960, a temporary museum was opened in the former crematorium. Finally, on May 9, 1965, the Dachau Memorial Site was dedicated; it was sponsored by the state government of Bavaria and was the first concentration camp memorial in the Federal Republic. In 1968, the “International Memorial” was erected on the square where prisoners had been forced to gather for roll call. The bronze sculpture by Yugoslavian artist and Holocaust survivor Nandor Glid depicts emaciated human bodies caught in barbed wire.

Memorial Site at the Dachau Concentration Camp (1968)


Source: Date: 1968. Bundesbildstelle Bonn, no. 27, 616/17. 

Courtesy of the German Information Center