A Palestinian asylum seeker discloses personal data during an interview at the Central Office for Asylum Seekers in the State of Brandenburg in Eisenhüttenstadt. The central offices of the federal states are tasked with registering asylum seekers, assisting them with their applications, and sending them to the federal states that will be responsible for them within one or two days. The acceptance quotas of the individual federal states are determined according to the so-called Königstein Key [Königsteiner Schlüssel], which is calculated every year on the basis of state revenue and population. If the asylum application is accepted, the applicant first receives a limited residence permit for a three-year period. At the end of this period, he or she can apply for an unlimited residence permit. 

Central Office for Asylum Applications in Eisenhüttenstadt (March 21, 1997)

  • Jens Kalaene


Source: picture-alliance / dpa (c) ZB - Fotoreport