This scene is from the 1939 popular musical revue film Hallo, Janine, starring Maria Rökk, a Hungarian singer and dancer who became one of the most popular stars of Nazi cinema. The movie was one of several lighthearted movies that the main German film studio, Ufa, produced in the 1930s and 1940s. These films conformed in style and form to the musical revue films coming out of Hollywood at the same time. The studio, far from producing strictly propagandistic films, was eager to provide escapist cinema for the masses. Rökk’s movies, with her romantic plotlines and her Hungarian accent, proved popular not only in Germany but in the rest of Europe as well. With its jazzy tune, the song “Musik, Musik Musik!,” which also was released as a record with Rökk singing, showed that modern rhythms were acceptable if packaged (as it is here) by white women in a typical interwar grand musical number. The film was released in summer 1939, shortly before the beginning of the Second World War.

Popular entertainment: Hallo, Janine (1939)


Source: Hallo, Janine, 1939. Feature film, b/w, dir. Carl Boese. Internet Archive.