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“Commune I” during a Discussion (1967)

Sharing a Meal in a Political Commune (1968)

Self-Characterization of Members of a Berlin Commune (October 7, 1968)

A Young Family on the Balcony of their New Apartment in Greifswald (1979)

Family, Child-Rearing, and the Role of Women (December 3, 1961)

The Family in the Context of Women’s Equality (December 20, 1965)

Mother with Children in Front of a Walter Ulbricht Poster, East Berlin (1964)

Nursery in Vetschau (c. 1970)

Reforming the Marriage and Family Code (July 9, 1971)

A Non-Traditional Family (1978)

Social Policy and Women (1989)

Package from the West [Westpaket] (March 22, 1970)

Visitor from West Berlin (1966)

Package from the West [Westpaket] (Re-creation, 2014)

Turkish School Class (1969)

The Growing Influx of Guest-Worker Children (November 8, 1974)

Private Accommodations at the Ford Factory in Cologne (1971)

Elvis Posters on Flowered Wallpaper (1975)

The Plight of Turkish Women in a Foreign Land (May 1, 1980)

Koran Lessons in the Basement of a Mosque (1981)

Guest Workers’ Stories (Retrospective Account, 2013)