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Taking Tea on the Terrace of the Neue Palais (July 9, 1870)

Jewish Field Service during the Franco-Prussian War (undated)

The Battle of Königgrätz, July 3, 1866 (1866)

The Wounded Pour into Dresden (19th Century)

Prussian Troops Arrive in Dresden on June 18, 1866 (no date)

Arrival of Mecklenburg Artillery in Leipzig in June 1866 (no date)

Entry of Victorious Prussian Troops into Berlin (September 21, 1866)

Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke, Chief of the Prussian General Staff (1886)

Military Barracks in Dresden (1877)

Wilhelm I and Entourage at the Battle of Königgrätz on July 3, 1866 (Painting, 1872)

Austrian and Saxon Artillery on the Heights of Problus at the Battle of Königgrätz on July 3, 1866 (no date)

Troops Parade down the Champs Élysée in Paris (March 1, 1871)

Troops Parade through the Brandenburg Gate (June 16, 1871)