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German Federal Act (June 8, 1815)

Final Act of the Viennese Ministerial Conferences (May 15, 1820)

The National Association on a German Constitution (1860)

Friedrich Gentz, Memorandum on “Estates Constitutions” (1819/1844)

Carl Welcker, Additions to Gentz’s Memorandum (1844)

Excerpt from the Staats-Lexikon: “Constitution, Constitutional System” (1845–48)

Delegates to the Pre-Parliament Process Toward St. Paul's Church on March 30, 1848 (c. 1848)

Meeting of the Prussian National Assembly in the Singakademie (1848)

“A Touring Troupe”: Caricature of the Rump Parliament’s Move from Frankfurt to Stuttgart on May 30, 1849 (1849)

Members of the Frankfurt National Assembly: Club of the “Casino” (1849)

The Constitutional Committee of the Frankfurt National Assembly (1849)

Prisoners being Led across the Elbe Bridge in Dresden after the Suppression of the Uprising on May 9, 1849 (1849)

Speech of Friedrich Julius Stahl against the Repeal of the Prussian Constitution (1853)