Under the leadership of chairman Ernst Breit, a delegation from the Confederation of German Trade Unions [Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund or DGB] visited the GDR from February 22–24, 1984. There, it met with a delegation representing East Germany’s Free German Trade Union Federation [Freier Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund or FDGB] to discuss issues relating to European peace and security policy. Additionally, on February 24, 1984, Breit and FDGB Chairman Harry Tisch signed an agreement on expanding the relationship between the two labor unions. The following year, Tisch and a delegation from the FDGB Federal Board visited the DGB in West Germany from May 28–31, 1985. In his subsequent report to the Politburo, Tisch related that the talks had shown “that the DGB was also interested in a good working atmosphere and positive results.” The picture shows Harry Tisch (right) being welcomed by Ernst Breit (left) upon his arrival in Düsseldorf.

Ernst Breit and Harry Tisch in Düsseldorf (1985)


Source: Chairman of the Confederation of German Trade Unions Ernst Breit (left) receives GDR trade union chairman Harry Tisch in Düsseldorf. Date: May 1985. Bundesrepublik Deutschland – Fotodienst 2 – 1985 / Nr. 1906. Photo: IN-Press/AP.

Courtesy of the German Information Center