On July 9, 1984, East German Minister of Transportation Otto Arndt visited Bonn, where he met with Werner Dollinger, his West German counterpart, and Philipp Jenninger, Minister of State in the Federal Chancellery. During their talks, Arndt advocated making inter-German relations more “predictable,” while Dollinger emphasized the importance of cooperation in the area of transportation. In the course of their discussions, Arndt (left, wearing glasses) and Dollinger (right, in dark suit) agreed that the airlines Lufthansa and Interflug would provide regular flight connections to trade fairs. This practical step in the direction of inter-German cooperation was predicated on West German payments and East German concessions in the area of human rights.

Meeting of the Transportation Ministers of the GDR and the Federal Republic in Bonn (July 9, 1984)


Source: German-German meeting: Federal Minister of Transportation Dr. Werner Dollinger (right, dark suit) met with his counterpart from the GDR, Otto Arndt (left, with glasses), in Bonn on July 9, 1984. Bundesrepublik Deutschland – Fotodienst 3 – 1984 / Nr. 1774. Photo: IN-Press/Bundesbildstelle. 

Courtesy of the German Information Center