Leading SED politicians watched the annual May Day parade in East Berlin from a raised platform positioned directly along the marchers’ route. This photograph shows Willi Stoph (left), Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the GDR, and Erich Honecker (center), Chairman of the Council of State of the GDR, at the May Day parade in 1984. The raised right fist was the traditional salutation of the workers’ movement. Photo by Manfred Uhlenhut.

Willi Stoph and Erich Honecker (May 1, 1984)

  • Manfred Uhlenlaut


Source: Willi Stoph (left) and Erich Honecker (center) at the May Day rally in Berlin. Image 2. Date: May 1, 1984. Photo: Manfred Uhlenhut.
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