At this "Monday demonstration" in Dresden on November 20, 1989, demonstrators held signs demanding the imprisonment of Erich Honecker. In 1990, the West German government issued a warrant for Honecker’s arrest. After being held for a short pre-trial detainment, Honecker was discharged because he was suffering from liver cancer. At first, he fled with his family to the Chilean Embassy in Moscow; in 1992, he was extradited to the Federal Republic. As the former chairman of the National Defense Council, he was charged with incitement to murder, but the proceedings were suspended on account of his poor health. In January 1993, Honecker emigrated to Chile, where he died on May 29, 1994, at the age of 81.

Demonstrators Demand the Imprisonment of Honecker (November 20, 1989)


Source: Monday demonstration in Dresden, November 20, 1989. Photographer: Hainer Michael. IMAGO / Robert Michael

© IMAGO / Robert Michael