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Social Democratic Student Association Flyer on the Death of Benno Ohnesorg (June 3, 1967)

The International Vietnam Conference (1968)

Victim of Police Brutality in Front of the German Opera in Berlin-Charlottenburg (June 2, 1967)

Poster: International Vietnam Congress (February 17–18, 1968)

A Demonstration following the Attempted Assassination of Rudi Dutschke (April 1968)

Protest Demonstration in Bonn against Brandt’s Ostpolitik (May 30, 1970)

Demonstration at the Second Meeting between Willy Brandt and Willi Stoph (May 21, 1970)

Demonstration against the National Democratic Party of Germany in Essen (December 5, 1970)

Demonstration by the Confederation of German Trade Unions (April 1, 1975)

Civic Movements between Peaceful Protest and Outbreaks of Violence (August 5, 1977)

Constitutional Implications of the Campaign against Nuclear Power (November 3, 1976)

Citizens’ Initiative for Environmental Protection (1980)

Coretta Scott King and Harry Belafonte at the Peace Demonstration in Bonn (October 10, 1981)

Peace Demonstration in Bonn (October 10, 1981)

Protest March in Bonn (October 12, 1981)

The CSU Demonstrates for Peace (October 20, 1983)

1 Million People Demonstrate against NATO’s Dual-Track Decision (October 22, 1983)

Easter March (Spring 1983)

The Nikolai Church and Prayers for Peace (Retrospective Account, 2014)

Swords to Ploughshares: Peace Prayers at the Leipzig Nikolai Church (1989/2008)

“Gorbi, Gorbi, Help us!” – Monday Demonstrations in Leipzig (Fall 1989)

Bicycle Demo, East Berlin (July 4, 1982)

Jena Peace Community (May 19, 1983)

Protest by Dissidents at the Memorial March for Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (January 18, 1988)

Demonstration by West Berliners (August 16, 1961)