The participants in this "Monday demonstration" in Leipzig on December 11, 1989, carry banners both for and against reunification with the Federal Republic of Germany. While West German flags (right) and the slogan “Germany united Fatherland” [“Deutschland einig Vaterland”] (left) can be seen in the foreground, other posters read “Reunification? No thanks! We have to help ourselves” [“Wiedervereinigung? Nein Danke! Wir müssen uns selbst helfen”]. The banners attest to the growing gulf between advocates of a reformed socialist “Third Way” and the majority of the population, which supported reunification with the Federal Republic.

For and against Unification – Demonstration on Augustusplatz in Leipzig (December 11, 1989)


Source: © Archiv Bürgerbewegung Leipzig e.V.