Having ruled Prussia since 1858 on behalf of his mentally ill brother, Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1795–1861), Wilhelm I (1797–1888) became king of Prussia on October 18, 1861. With the help of Otto von Bismarck, he proceeded to institute a more authoritarian regime, despite resistance from the liberal majority in parliament. Painting (1861) by Adolf Menzel (1815–1905).

Adolf Menzel, Coronation of Wilhelm I in Königsberg in the Year 1861 (1861)

  • Adolf Menzel


Source: Nationalgalerie der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, Ident. Nr. A I 310. Available online at: http://www.smb-digital.de/eMuseumPlus?service=ExternalInterface&module=collection&objectId=962111&viewType=detailView

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