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Antiauthoritarian Manifesto of the Artistic Avant Garde (January 1961)

Petition for an Exit Visa (April 20, 1977)

Coretta Scott King and Harry Belafonte at the Peace Demonstration in Bonn (October 10, 1981)

Christian Kunert, Gerulf Pannach, Wolf Biermann, and Jürgen Fuchs in West Berlin (August 1977)

Adolf Menzel, Coronation of Wilhelm I in Königsberg in the Year 1861 (1861)

Philipp Otto Runge, Small Morning (1808)

Friedrich Overbeck, Italia and Germania (1811–28)

Caspar David Friedrich, Chalk Cliffs of Rügen (1818–19)

Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer above a Sea of Fog (c. 1818)

Friedrich Overbeck, Portrait of the Painter Franz Pforr (c. 1810)

E. T. A. Hoffmann, The Strange Child (1816)

Caspar David Friedrich, Solitary Tree (Village Landscape in Morning Light) (1822)

Caspar David Friedrich, Caroline at the Window (1822)

Caspar David Friedrich, Winter – Cloister Ruins and Churchyard by the Sea (c. 1826)

Joseph Anton Koch, Schmadribach Falls (1822)

Georg Friedrich Kersting, Before the Mirror (1827)

Carl Blechen, The Interior of the Palm House on Peacock Island (1832–34)

Moritz von Schwind, The Falkenstein Ride (1843–44)

Peter Cornelius, The Last Judgment (1836–39)

Adrian Ludwig Richter, Rübezahl Appears to a Mother in the Form of a Charburner (1842)

Adolph von Menzel, The Balcony Room (1845)

documenta Modernism (June–October 1964)

Joseph Beuys with Wolfgang Wiens and Claus Peymann (1969)

Still from the Fassbinder Film “Kamikaze 1989” (1982)

Thomas Ender, Panorama of Rio de Janeiro (1817)