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Official Peace Policy of the GDR (June 28, 1965)

Erich Honecker Reviews His Successes (April 17–21, 1986)

Erich Honecker Defends the Achievements of Socialism on the 40th Anniversary of the GDR (October 6, 1989)

Statistics on East German Resettlers, Refugees, and Escapees (1961–1990)

Decree on “Extraordinary Radio Measures” (September 1939)

Walter Gross’s Radio Speech on Race to German Youth (October 10, 1934)

Jews as Sexual Predators (1935)

Flyer with Rules for Protecting the Purity of the Race (c. 1935)

Questionnaire on Tobacco Abuse and Lung Cancer (1939) and Himmler’s Declaration against Alcohol Abuse (December 1937)

Guide to the “Degenerate Art” Exhibition (1937)

The Fundamentals of German Radio Programming (August 1938)

Joseph Goebbels on the Concept of Propaganda (1936)

Adolf Hitler, “Propaganda and Organization” (1925)

Joseph Goebbels: Two Speeches on the Tasks of the Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (March 15 and 25, 1933)

Law for the Protection of National Symbols (May 20, 1933) and Prohibition on the Erection of Monuments to the Führer (December 10, 1933)

Hitler’s Decree Outlining Competencies in “External Propaganda” (September 8, 1939)

Goebbels’s New Propaganda Guidelines (June 22, 1941)

Wartime Regulation of Language (1942)

American Culture as “The Kitschified Mass Soul” (1944)

Goebbels’ Call for Retribution (June 5, 1943)

Plan for the Public Campaign „Women Help Achieve Victory“ (March 19, 1941)

“Total War”: Excerpt from Goebbels’s Speech at the Sportpalast in Berlin (February 18, 1943)

“Miracle Weapons”: Air Scientific Intelligence Interim Report on German Long-range Rockets (June 26, 1943)

Horst Wessel School Minutes (1933–1945)

Joseph Goebbels, Ten Principles for the Creation of German Music (May 28, 1938)