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Ernst Moritz Arndt, “The German Fatherland” (1813)

German Federal Act (June 8, 1815)

Final Act of the Viennese Ministerial Conferences (May 15, 1820)

The Six Articles (June 28, 1832) and the Ten Articles (July 5, 1832)

Johann August Wirth at the Hambach Festival (May 1832)

Carlsbad Decrees: Federal Press Law (September 20, 1819)

Excerpts from Bismarck’s “Blood and Iron” Speech (1862)

Resolution of the Katholikentag in Aachen (1862)

Eisenach Declaration of the National Association (1859)

The National Association on a German Constitution (1860)

Program of the German Reform Association (1862)

Excerpt from Prince Clemens von Metternich’s Political Creed (1820)

Austrian Memorandum (1863)

Prince Clemens von Metternich to Friedrich Gentz (June 17, 1819)

Friedrich Eichhorn to Adolf Heinrich von Arnim (June 7, 1844)

Excerpt from the Staats-Lexikon: “Constitution, Constitutional System” (1845–48)

David Hansemann to Prussian Interior Minister Ernst von Bodelschwingh (March 1, 1848)

Carl Schurz on Becoming a Supporter of Republican Government during the Revolution of 1848 (Retrospective Account, 1913)

Speech of Friedrich Julius Stahl against the Repeal of the Prussian Constitution (1853)

Report by the Prussian District Government in Koblenz on the Civic Condition of the Jews (1820)

Motion to Grant Full Emancipation to Jews in the Duchy of Nassau (1846)

Report on the Civic Conditions of the Jews in the Duchy of Nassau (1822)

The Catholics: Excerpts from the Debate at the General Assembly of the Catholic Associations of the Rhineland and Westphalia (April 18, 1849)

Definition of the Term “Parties” from the Staats-Lexikon (1845–48)

The Liberals: Heppenheim Program of the Southwest German Liberals (October 10, 1847)