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Socialist Education (February 25, 1965)

The German Education Crisis (1963)

School Reform in the 1960s (Retrospective Account, 2011)

Expanding the University System (September 3, 1966)

The Third University Reform in the GDR (April 3, 1969)

Defending the Academic Fortress (1970)

Growing up in the 1960s (Retrospective Account, 2012)

The Civil Right to Education in the Federal Republic (February 13, 1970)

University Spots in Short Supply (December 12, 1974)

Cultural Federalism on the Defensive (April 20–21, 1978)

Wrangling for Authority (January 26, 1976)

Military Instruction and the Protestant Churches (June 14, 1978)

The Struggle for Codetermination and the Group University (May 29, 1973)

Education and Social Mobility (1982)

Demand Planning under Fire (January 13, 1987)

Herbert Marcuse Denounces the Vietnam War (May 22, 1966)

“New Left” (October 4–5, 1962)

Antiauthoritarian Manifesto of the Artistic Avant Garde (January 1961)

The “Sit-In” as a Means for Reforming the University (June 22, 1966)

Development of Higher Education in East and West Germany (1960–1990)

A Comparison of Educational Systems (1989–90)

Rudi Dutschke Demands the Expropriation of the Springer Press Empire (July 10, 1967)

Social Democratic Student Association Flyer on the Death of Benno Ohnesorg (June 3, 1967)

Ulrike Meinhof Calls for a Move from Protest to Resistance (May 1968)

Self-Characterization of Members of a Berlin Commune (October 7, 1968)