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Study as a Socialist, Live as a Socialist! Seminar Room at Humboldt University, East Berlin (1961)

Ten Commandments for the New Socialist Person (1963)

Official Peace Policy of the GDR (June 28, 1965)

Wedding Party and Slogan: “For Peace and Socialism” (c. 1980)

Peace Doves (September 1987)

Erich Honecker Reviews His Successes (April 17–21, 1986)

The GDR Celebrates “Karl Marx Year” (1983)

Honecker and Gorbachev Watch the Parade in Honor of the 40th Anniversary of the GDR (October 7, 1989)

The Day of Denial (1961)

Statistics on East German Resettlers, Refugees, and Escapees (1961–1990)

Jugendweihe in East Berlin (1979)

KPD Banner on Ruined Theater Buildings in Hamburg (November 1946)

Stalin’s Message of Peace (February 18, 1951)

Propaganda for the German People’s Council at the Neue Wache in Berlin (1949)

“Why Is There No Opposition in the GDR?” (May 17, 1957)

Propaganda Photo: Land Reform in the Soviet Occupation Zone (September 1945)

Directive on Republikflucht (March 18, 1953)

Housewives’ Brigade (January 1960)

Seesawing in Rubble (1946)

“Ten Years of Social Policy in the Two German States”: Article by the Former Director of Social Security of the GDR, Paul Peschke (October 1959)

Vials of Orasthin (1961)

"The Cultural League at Ten" – Lead Article in Neues Deutschland (July 2, 1955)

The Controversy about Alain Resnais’ Documentary Night and Fog (1956)

The Character of Leisure Time in Capitalism and Socialism (1961)

“American Cultural Barbarism Threatens our Youth” (1950)