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David Hansemann to Prussian Interior Minister Ernst von Bodelschwingh (March 1, 1848)

Carl Schurz on Becoming a Supporter of Republican Government during the Revolution of 1848 (Retrospective Account, 1913)

August Ludwig von Rochau, Foundations of Realpolitik (1853)

Moritz Mohl and Gabriel Riesser, Two Speeches on Equal Rights for Jewish Germans (1848)

The Catholics: Excerpts from the Debate at the General Assembly of the Catholic Associations of the Rhineland and Westphalia (April 18, 1849)

The Conservatives: Friedrich Julius Stahl, “What is the Revolution?” (1852)

The Democrats: Gustav von Struve, Motion in the German Pre-Parliament (March 31, 1848)

August Becker, Excerpts from The Palatinate and the Palatines (1858)

Women’s Activism during the Revolution: Viennese Democratic Women’s Association (1848–50)

Women’s Activism during the Revolution: Louise Otto’s Statement of Principles in the First Issue of Frauen-Zeitung (April 21, 1849)

Women’s Activism during the Revolution: Appeal of the Married Women and Maidens of Württemberg to German Warriors (1849)

Excerpts from Two Sermons by Friedrich August Tholuck, “What is Human Reason Worth?” (c. 1840) and “When is Greater Civic Freedom Fortunate for a People?” (1848)

Julius Fröbel, Letters from Exile (1849–1857)

Speech by Friedrich Gottlieb Schulz on the Question of German Overseas Emigration, from the Frankfurt Constituent National Assembly (1849)