These graphics provide an overview of the education systems of the two German states: in the GDR, the paths to education were relatively uniform, whereas the Federal Republic of Germany offered many different types of educational opportunities.

A Comparison of Educational Systems (1989–90)


I. Basic Structure of the Educational System in the former Federal Republic

Schematic illustration. There are variations in individual states. Transfers between school forms (i.e. from Realschule to Gymnasium) are ensured in principle though the fulfillment of particular prerequisites. Nine years of mandatory schooling (ten years in Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia), part-time mandatory schooling for three years.

II. Structure of the Educational System in the former GDR

Source: Federal Office of Statistics, ed., Datenreport 1992. Zahlen und Fakten über die Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Bonn, 1992, pp. 60–61.

Translation: Helga Welsh; English versions of schematic illustrations created by Carolin Brinkmann.