During the recession that followed the second oil shock, neo-Nazis started using xenophobic slogans in their publications. It was an effort to exploit widespread fears of unemployment and to tap into the social envy of less affluent Germans. Neo-Nazis also tried to gain an electoral advantage by launching a campaign against the naturalization of communists and criminals.

Racist Attacks against the Naturalization of Foreigners (September 14, 1979)


Helmut Schmidt Is Turning Turks into Germans!
An Outrageous Attack on Our National Character

The SPD is planning an outrageous attack on our German national character: Hundreds of thousands of young Turks, Greeks, Sicilians, and other southern Europeans are to automatically become Germans. Apparently, the only prerequisite is that they were born in the Federal Republic of Germany or—even flimsier—attended school here.

This would mean that foreign youths would receive all the rights of German citizens, would have the right to vote and serve in the Federal Armed Forces!

The draft of this plan was put forward by the Federal Government Commissioner for Guest Workers, the former SPD Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia, Heinz Kühn. The Federal Chancellor is said to have already approved his proposals.

A draft bill to this effect has been submitted to the federal and state governments for comment. According to this bill, foreigners are to be granted a legal right to naturalization. Which means nothing less than this: that the authorities will have to hand over a German passport to every communist and every criminal!

The proposal shows the value that the coalition government in Bonn assigns to its own national character. People, then, would no longer be German on the basis of ancestry and birth, but because they want to secure a good “job” in the Federal Republic. What relationship do these young Turks have to their future “fatherland” other than their ability to communicate in sub-standard German? They can’t read or write in either German or Turkish: illiterates in no-man’s-land!

People from totally different cultural backgrounds are being artificially made into something that they’re not. To be sure, this will create a new proletariat whose political significance is obvious. SPD functionaries can rightly assume that this will open up a whole new voter pool for the exclusive benefit of the Left in the Federal Republic. Until now, Germany’s largely homogenous population has been its great advantage; all this, however, will encourage the emergence of a mixed race that will become political dynamite.

It is grotesque: the same Germany that is relocating hundreds of thousands from the East for the sake of their German national character is now prepared to turn just as many foreigners into Germans!

Whereas the Bundestag parties in the past agreed that the tiny Federal Republic could not become an immigration country, they have now invented the new label “country of residence for foreigners.”

The latest statistics show that while nearly four million foreigners live here, only about 1.9 million of them work; the other two million are family members. This imbalance will only get worse in the coming years. In Baden-Württemberg alone there are about 80,000 registered foreigners whose spouses still live in their home country. Then there are the children of about 40,000 foreign couples, children who don’t even live in the Federal Republic yet. Now they’re all supposed to come, too!

Instead of stopping this wave and encouraging guest workers to return to their home countries, the SPD-run and FDP-supported federal government wants to continue “family reunions” on German soil. Helmut Schmidt evidently thinks he has found a way to gloss over the devastating decline in birthrates that has occurred during his administration. The important thing is that the statistics add up.

But the red functionaries have long been waiting to put an end to “German jingoism,” which is how they’d describe allegiance to the German nation. To them, the naturalization of hundreds of thousands of uprooted foreigners seems like an appropriate means.

We can only hope that the Turkish government will put a stop to this denationalization of their people and that we’ll succeed in voting out this godforsaken Schmidt-Genscher government in 1980. Because time is running out fast!

Source: M. W., “Helmut Schmidt macht aus Türken Deutsche!,” Deutsche Nachrichten, September 14, 1979.

Translation: Allison Brown