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“Talk Is Cheap” (1989)

Racist Attacks against the Naturalization of Foreigners (September 14, 1979)

A Plea by Second-Generation Immigrants for Mutual Acceptance (May 13, 1982)

An Outside Analysis of Right-Wing Extremism in the FRG (November 30, 1980)

The Heidelberg Manifesto of Xenophobic Professors (March 4, 1982)

The Government Warns of a New Racial Arrogance (December 12, 1979)

Xenophobic Sentiment in the GDR (March 7, 1989)

What the Rise of the AfD Means for Germany and Europe (September 2017)

An Alliance for Tolerance Appeals for Openness toward Foreigners (October 31, 1991)

Attacks on Homes for Asylum Seekers in March im Breisgau (September 24, 1991)

Violence against Foreigners in Rostock-Lichtenhagen (August 24, 1992)

Election Campaign Poster for “The Republicans” [“Die Republikaner”] (1990)

Advanced Chemistry, Fremd im eigenen Land (1992)

Demonstration against Xenophobia in Rostock-Lichtenhagen (August 29, 1992)

Reasons for the Alienation of Turkish Youths (June 3, 1993)

Arson Attack on Turkish Families in Mölln (November 24, 1992)

The Government Offers an Explanation for Xenophobia (March 2, 1994)

Asylum Legislation becomes a Campaign Topic (July 2, 1998)

Arson Attack in Mölln (November 28, 1992)

Candlelight Vigil against Xenophobia (February 1, 1993)

Pegida Demonstration and Counter-Demonstration (2015)

Petition against Dual Citizenship (January 16, 1999)