This photograph features a wall bearing the names and flags of the eleven home countries of grade school students at the Heinrich-Zille School in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood: 1) The Federal Republic of Germany; 2) Yugoslavia; 3) Turkey; 4) Lebanon; 5) Syria; 6) Portugal; 7) Italy; 8) Spain; 9) Greece; 10) Jordan; and 11) India. The list of nations includes the countries from which guest workers were once recruited: Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Yugoslavia, and Portugal. It also includes the birth countries of many asylum-seekers: countries with high levels of poverty and ethnic and religious conflicts (India), as well as states ravaged by civil war (Lebanon) and neighboring lands (Syria and Jordan).

Children from Eleven Countries (1979)


Source: Children from 11 countries enrolled at the Heinrich Zille School in Berlin-Kreuzberg meet during recess for sports and games in front of a “wall of nations” on which they have painted the names and emblems of their home countries.
Bundesrepublik Deutschland – Fotodienst 4-79/Nr. 905. German Information Center.

Courtesy of the German Information Center