In 1980, the German Wind Energy Association sent a memorandum to the government of the Federal Republic, demanding that it do more to promote small-scale wind turbines. The Federal Ministry for Research and Technology had invested three-fourths of wind energy subsidies into large-scale projects, for example, the development of the “Monoptero” by the company Messerschmidt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB). The scarcity of funds was only one impediment to small units. Other challenges involved building authorities and the granting of permits, and the unwillingness of electricity providers to connect these units to the power grid. Despite this, large-scale wind turbines [“Großwindanlagen“ or Growiane] became surprisingly popular in Germany. This picture features a small unit produced by MBB.

Small-Scale Wind Turbines by MBB (1986)


Source: Original caption: Wind as an attractive form of alternative energy? German comanpy MBB produces small units. Photo: INP/dpa

Courtesy of the German Information Center