The establishment of continuing education centers at firms in large-scale industries afforded apprentices the opportunity to acquire vocational training of exceptionally high quality. AEG established such training centers in Frankfurt am Main (1973) and West Berlin (1976). In 1991, 600 apprentices were enrolled in AEG’s Berlin-based continuing education center, where they received industrial-technical and business training. In addition to systematic training, apprentices also received theoretical instruction, as can be seen in the photograph below. The theoretical instruction offered in these centers surpassed that provided in regular vocational training schools.

Theoretical Instruction at the Education Center at AEG, West Berlin (1986)


Source: Original caption: Theoretical instruction. Education center at the AEG Company in West Berlin, 1986. Photo: Klaus Lehnartz. Original signature: Bundesbildstelle Bonn, Bild Nr.: 113 527. German Information Center.

Courtesy of the German Information Center