This video looks back at the major welfare and labor market reforms (referred to as Agenda 2010) carried out by the Red-Green government in its second term (2002-2005). Cuts to unemployment benefits which became known as Hartz IV were especially unpopular and remained so (note: Hartz IV was replaced by the so-called Bürgergeld in 2023).  Economists agree that these reforms helped stimulate the German economy and made it globally more competitive. However, they alienated many voters as well as the labor unions and eventually led to a split of the SPD when some dissatisfied members of its left wing founded the Electoral Alternative for Labor and Social Justice (WASG).

Bitter Legacy. The Social Democrats and the Hartz Reforms (2012)


Source: Bitter Legacy - The Social Democrats and the Hartz Reforms | People & Politics, Deutsche Welle, August 23, 2012