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Occupational Breakdown of Refugee Movement in Percentages (1952–1961)

“Worker Treaty Rome – Bonn Signed,” Frankfurter Rundschau (December 21, 1955)

“Italian Workers to Germany,” Der Tagesspiegel (December 21, 1955)

Structural Change in the Workforce (1950–1970)

Greek Female Laborers in a Canning Factory in Southwest Germany (November 21, 1960)

Bitter Legacy. The Social Democrats and the Hartz Reforms (2012)

Demonstration against Job Cuts in Premnitz (December 10, 1990)

Germany, a Country of Immigration (May 2016)

Population Decline and the Future of Germany (December 7, 2005)

Retirement Age and Employment (2005)

Ten Years of Hartz IV (2015)

The New Precariat (April 27, 2006)

Federal Government Annual Report on Rebuilding the East (2017)

Unemployment and the East-West Divide (2017)

Are Women the Losers of Unification? (October 1999)

Oskar Lafontaine’s Resignation (March 15, 1999)

A Turning Point in the Job Market (April 12, 2005)

The Challenges Ahead for the German Economy (November 8, 2023)