At a meeting in Ottawa on February 13, 1990, the foreign ministers of NATO and the Warsaw Pact had agreed to hold Two-Plus-Four” negotiations on the future of Germany, as proposed by the U.S. In view of the growing possibility of German reunification, this 1990 caricature from the Canadian newspaper Telegraph Journal expressed skepticism about the chances for democracy in a reunified Germany, which would have to overcome both its history of National Socialism and Communism. Caricature by Josh Beutel.

From these Ashes...Free at Last?, Telegraph Journal (1990)

  • Josh Beutel


Source: Josh Beutel, "From these ashes...Free at Last?", Telegraph Journal, 1990, reprinted in: Deutschlandbilder. Das vereinigte Deutschland in der Karikatur des Auslands [Pictures of Germany. United Germany in Foreign Caricatures], ed. Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Munich/New York: Prestel, 1994, p. 68.