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Two States, One Nation (October 28, 1969)

Comments on the Rapid Increase in Nuclear Fears (1981)

NATO’s Dual-Track Decision (December 12, 1979)

Henry Kissinger and Helmut Schmidt (March 8, 1975)

Soldiers from the U.S. Army’s 2nd Armored Division of Fort Hood, Texas (Late October 1963)

The Western Alliance and NATO’s Dual-Track Decision (December 14, 1979)

NATO Passes the Dual-Track Decision (December 12, 1979)

Helmut Kohl Visits a German Military Base in Koblenz (November 29, 1982)

American Troops in Hutzdorf (1985)

Walter Hallstein and Europe (October 24, 1966)

Helmut Kohl and Ronald Reagan at the Military Cemetery in Bitburg (May 5, 1985)

The FRG and the GDR in Europe (1961)

Chancellor Konrad Adenauer on a Flight to the U.S. for a State Visit (1960)

The End of Postwar History? (October 18, 1963)

Protocol on the Accession of the Federal Republic of Germany to the North Atlantic Treaty (Paris, October 23, 1954)

Entry into NATO (October 23, 1954)

The Federal Republic and the German Democratic Republic in Europe (1956-58)