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The German Education Crisis (1963)

“Why Is There No Opposition in the GDR?” (May 17, 1957)

Report by the American Secret Service about the Attitudes of the German Population in the American Occupation Zone (August 12, 1945)

Film Review: Murderers Among Us (October 16, 1946)

Karl Hauff: Memorandum on the Condition of Victims of Political, Racial, and Religious Persecution by the Nazi Regime (1947)

Decree on Aid Measures for Former Political Prisoners (1945)

Paul Merker to the Chairman of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, Wilhelm Pieck, on the Compensation Law in the Soviet Occupation Zone (1948)

“Restitution for National Socialist Injustice”: Article by Oberregierungsrat Ernst Heller in Die Neue Zeitung (March 19, 1949)

Implementation Decree on the Creation and Procedures of Care Centers for Victims of Persecution in Hesse (1948)

Decree on the Creation of a New Ordinance to Secure the Rights of Recognized Victims of Nazi Persecution (1953)

Communiqué Regarding Restitution for Israel and the Jews (September 10, 1952)

Hermann Hesse, Letter to a Young German (1946)

Luise Rinser: Response to Hermann Hesse (1946)

“Film Diplomacy”: The Controversy about Night and Fog (1956)

Parliamentary Debate about the Documentary Night and Fog (1956)

The Controversy about Alain Resnais’ Documentary Night and Fog (1956)

OMGUS Survey on the Choice between National Socialism and Communism (1946–49)

OMGUS Survey of Trends in German Public Opinion (1945–47)

OMGUS Survey on Antisemitism in the American Zone (December 1946)

OMGUS Survey on the Public Response to the Nuremberg Trials (October 9, 1946)

OMGUS Survey on German Attitudes toward the Nuremberg Trials (1945–46)

OMGUS Survey on Public Attitudes toward Denazification (1946–47)

OMGUS Survey on Attitudes toward Collective Guilt (December 1946)

OMGUS Survey of Trends in German Public Opinion (1945–48)

OMGUS Survey of Trends in Attitudes toward National Socialism (1945–47)