The geographic reach of the Nazi killing machine is demonstrated in this map. Even as the war turned against the Germans, the regime continued to persecute and murder Europe’s Jews. The seventeen hundred Jews from the Greek Island of Rhodes were rounded up at the end of July 1944, and deported all the way to Auschwitz to be murdered. Readers may also notice that there is no figure listed for Sweden. As a neutral state, its Jewish community remained untouched. While antisemitism did lead to discrimination against Jews in Sweden, and policies that made it difficult for most European Jews seeking refuge to enter Swedish territory, over 7000 Danish Jews were allowed entry in late 1943. It is owing to this daring rescue, orchestrated by the Danish resistance, that the number of Jewish victims from Denmark also remained so low.

Jewish Victims of the Holocaust by Country, Sept. 1, 1939–⁠May 7, 1945


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