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Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service (April 7, 1933)

Disbarment: A Jewish Lawyer is Removed from the List of Lawyers Licensed to Practice at the District Court of Tilsit in East Prussia (June 9, 1933)

“First a German, then a Civil Servant” (July 31, 1933)

“Jews Not Wanted in Behringersdorf” (1933)

The Reich Citizenship Law (September 15, 1935) and the First Regulation to the Reich Citizenship Law (November 14, 1935)

Jews as Sexual Predators (1935)

“For Aryans Only”: Official Inscription on Park Benches (1935)

Antisemitic Door Knocker (1937)

American Consul Samuel Honaker’s Description of Antisemitic Persecution and of Kristallnacht and its Aftereffects in the Stuttgart Region (November 1938)

Raymond Geist’s Report to George Messersmith on the Interministerial Meeting at the Reich Aviation Ministry and the Nazi Regime’s Future Plans for the Jews (April 4, 1939)

Justifying the Law on the Changing of Family Names and First Names (November 6, 1937)

Joseph Goebbels Calls for a Boycott of Jewish Businesses (April 1, 1933)

Institute for Sexual Research: “Un-German” and “Unnatural” Literature is Sorted Out (May 6–10, 1933)

Lion Feuchtwanger, “Thou Shalt Dwell in Houses Thou Hast Not Builded” (March 20, 1935)

Max Liebermann, Self-Portrait (1934)

“Jews Out!” Board Game (1938)

The Eternal Jew, Film Poster (September 1940)

Propaganda Poster from Occupied Poland: “Beware of Typhus. Avoid Jews” (1941)

Nobel Prize Winners Walther Nernst, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Robert Millikan, and Max von Laue in Berlin (November 1, 1931)

Nazi Propaganda Poster Exploiting Soviet Atrocities in Ukraine (1943)

Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Chemistry in Berlin (1928)

“A Poor Fool”: Caricature of Einstein in Response to his Application for Emigration, Deutsche Tageszeitung (April 1, 1933)

Excerpts from Hitler’s Speech before the first “Greater German Reichstag” (January 30, 1939)

Viennese Jews are Forced to Scour the Streets (March/April 1938)

The Morning after the Night of Broken Glass in Kassel (November 10, 1938)