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Model of Rental Barracks on Kastanienallee in the Prenzlauer Berg Neighborhood of Berlin in the1880s

Proportion of Non-Agricultural Workers in Germany’s Federal States and Prussian Provinces (1882)

Berlin in the Building Boom of the Founding Era (1875)

Foreign-Language Populations in the German Reich in 1900

Temporary Lodgings for Emigrants, Hamburg (1882)

Administrative Districts in the German Reich in 1900

Machine Room in Richard Hartmann’s Chemnitz Factory (1868)

The Rudolph Hertzog Department Store in Berlin (1882)

Train Wreck in Alsace (September 3, 1882)

Thousand-Mark Stock Certificate (September 1, 1885)

The First Four-Wheeled Daimler Motor Car (1886)

Introduction of Mechanized Threshing in the Countryside (1882)

Max Liebermann, A Cobbler’s Workshop (1881–82)

Model of a Late Nineteenth-Century Threshing Machine and Locomotive (1962–63)

Germany’s Second North Polar Expedition (September 11, 1870)

Advertising Poster for the General Electric Company (AEG), Berlin (1888)

Berlin’s Central Power Station (1890)

Squadron of Naval Ships (1870)

Fritz von Uhde, Heath Princess (1889)

Wilhelm Leibl, Peasant Boy (1876–77)

Wilhelm Leibl, The Village Politicians (Peasants in Conversation) (1877)

Fritz von Uhde, Bavarian Drummers (1883)

Dresden Cityscape (1865)

Otto Günther, At the Day Laborers’ Table (1875)

Adolph Menzel, Supper at the Ball (1878)