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The Passion Play in Oberammergau (1860)

Theodor Adorno and Heinrich Böll (1964)

Against Racial Hatred / No Nazis in Lecture Halls (January 1960)

Study as a Socialist, Live as a Socialist! Seminar Room at Humboldt University, East Berlin (1961)

The Last Phase of Construction and the Start of Instruction at Ruhr University in Bochum (1965)

Procession of Professors at the Free University, West Berlin (c. 1960)

Ten Commandments for the New Socialist Person (1963)

Student Strikes in Frankfurt am Main (1968)

Lecture at the University of Bonn (1967)

An Anti-authoritarian Kindergarten [Kinderladen] in Kiel (1970)

Instruction of Future Russian Teachers in the GDR (1970)

First-Graders at a School in East Berlin (1979)

Theoretical Firearms Instruction in a GDR School, Conducted by a Non-Commissioned Officer in the National People’s Army (1975)

The Work of Adult Education Centers, West Berlin (1977)

Occupational Counseling in Heidelberg (1978)

Fashion Show at the Berlin/Weißensee Art Academy (1985)

Civics Lesson in East Berlin (1988)

Vocational School in the Ruhr Valley (1979)

School Day in Production (March 1987)

School Day in Production (1980)

Theoretical Instruction at the Education Center at AEG, West Berlin (1986)

Building Renovation Work on Muskauer Strasse, West Berlin (1980)

“Commune I” during a Discussion (1967)

Frankfurt Students Protest Exorbitant Rents (December 1988)

The Death of Benno Ohnesorg (June 2, 1967)