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“Cultural Progress in the Congo” (1884)

“Ten Little Negroes” (1885)

“Pictures from our Colonies” (1897)

Route Taken through Europe by Abraham Ulrikab and His Family in 1880–81

The Fisk Jubilee Singers Tour Germany (1877–78)

Graphic Pictures of Native Life in Distant Lands (1888)

Tobias, One of the Inuit in a Völkerschau in Hamburg (1880)

Poster for a Ceylonese Exhibit at a “Human Zoo” (1883)

Johan Adrian Jacobsen (19th century)

Poster Advertising “Carl Hagenbeck’s 1885 Ceylon Expedition” (1885)

Two Inuit Families from Labrador in a Völkerschau (1880)

“The Nubians in Berlin’s Zoological Garden” (1878)

Poster Advertising a Völkerschau Featuring “Australian Cannibals” (1885)

“A Cannibal Dance at the Leipzig Zoological Garden” (1885)