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German Federal Act (June 8, 1815)

Portrait of Prince Clemens von Metternich (c. 1815)

Final Act of the Viennese Ministerial Conferences (May 15, 1820)

The Six Articles (June 28, 1832) and the Ten Articles (July 5, 1832)

“Germany’s Unification” (1843)

Program of the German Reform Association (1862)

Excerpt from Prince Clemens von Metternich’s Political Creed (1820)

Friedrich Gentz, Memorandum on “Estates Constitutions” (1819/1844)

Carl Welcker, Additions to Gentz’s Memorandum (1844)

Austrian Memorandum (1863)

Prince Clemens von Metternich to Friedrich Gentz (June 17, 1819)

The Storming of Frankfurt’s Main Police Station on April 3, 1833 (1833)

Excerpt from the Staats-Lexikon: “Constitution, Constitutional System” (1845–48)

Meeting of German Princes in Frankfurt am Main (September 1,1863)

Certificate Requesting the Payment of Protection Money for the Jew Abraham Goslar in Hanover (May 22, 1833)

Kingdom of Hanover: Grenadiers of the Guard, Drummer, and Common Soldiers (c. 1835)

Central Europe (1815–1866)