Supporters of the Emergency Laws argued that in crisis situations, a “defense-ready democracy” was necessary. Opponents, however, compared the planned changes with the transition from the last parliamentary-presidential governments of the Weimar Republic to the Third Reich. Consequently, they used Nazi symbols on their posters to warn against a new “Reich.” This banner reads: “No [More] Reich.” Photo by Hilmar Pabel.

Bonn Demonstration against the Emergency Laws – II ( May 11, 1968)

  • Hilmar Pabel


Source: Demonstration against the Bundestag’s planned passage of the Emergency Law (so-called “Star March on Bonn”). The demonstrators march to the Hofgarten. 3rd from left: Bahman Nirumand. Photo: Hilmar Pabel. Image 7 of 7. Date May 11, 1968.
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