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Theodor Adorno and Heinrich Böll (1964)

Student Strikes in Frankfurt am Main (1968)

“Commune I” during a Discussion (1967)

The International Vietnam Conference (1968)

The Death of Benno Ohnesorg (June 2, 1967)

The Body of Benno Ohnesorg is Transported from West Berlin to Hanover (June 8, 1967)

Sharing a Meal in a Political Commune (1968)

Poster: International Vietnam Congress (February 17–18, 1968)

Rudi Dutschke at the International Vietnam Congress (February 17, 1968)

Liberal Musings on the Character of the Generational Revolt (October 18, 1968)

A Demonstration following the Attempted Assassination of Rudi Dutschke (April 1968)

Blockade of the Springer Publishing House in Hamburg (1968)

Uschi Obermaier and Rainer Langhans, Members of “Commune I” (1969)

The Example of Angela Davis (June 3–4, 1972)

Protest against the State of Emergency Constitution (May 28, 1968)

Bonn Demonstration against the Emergency Laws – I (May 11, 1968)

Bonn Demonstration against the Emergency Laws – II ( May 11, 1968)

Hermann Lübbe on Neoconservatism (1983)