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Democracy in Jeopardy? (October 29, 1962)

A New Chapter in Economic Policy (March 21, 1962)

Chancellor Konrad Adenauer on a Flight to the U.S. for a State Visit (1960)

The End of Postwar History? (October 18, 1963)

Farewell to Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (October 15, 1963)

The Birth of the Grand Coalition (December 13, 1966)

A Tribute to Ludwig Erhard (December 1, 1966)

Germany’s First Grand Coalition Government (1966)

The FDP is Courted and Weighs its Options (September 30, 1969)

In Support of the Emergency Laws (May 15–16, 1968)

Protest against the State of Emergency Constitution (May 28, 1968)

Bonn Demonstration against the Emergency Laws – I (May 11, 1968)

Bonn Demonstration against the Emergency Laws – II ( May 11, 1968)

Marion Gräfin Dönhoff on the Grand Coalition (1981)

Speech by Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor of the Federal Republic, at a Reception Given by the Allied High Commissioners (September 21, 1949)

Konrad Adenauer Leaving the Seat of the Allied High Commission after Receiving the New Occupation Statute (September 21, 1949)

SPD Campaign Rally with Kurt Schumacher (at the Microphone) on Königsplatz in Munich (November 25, 1946)

Kurt Schumacher Opens the SPD’s Federal Election Campaign in Gelsenkirchen by Rejecting Ludwig Erhard’s Free Market Economics (June 19, 1949)

Article on the Debate over German Rearmament (September 14, 1950)

Article by a Student on German Rearmament (November 16, 1950)

Western Declaration on Germany, the European Defense Community, and Berlin (May 27, 1952)

The Suez Crisis: “The Advance on Sinai” (October 31st, 1956)

The Hallstein Doctrine (June 28, 1956)

Correspondence between Nikolai Bulganin and Konrad Adenauer on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the USSR and the Federal Republic of Germany (September 13-14, 1955)

Federal Chancellor Adenauer on a State Visit to Moscow (September 11, 1955)