The GDR began tightening up the inner-German border as early as 1952. In the process, numerous transit routes between East and West were severed. Furthermore, no effort was made to repair transit infrastructure that had been destroyed during the war. This photograph of the inner-German border near Hirschberg an der Saale (Saxony-Anhalt) shows an Autobahn bridge that had been destroyed back in 1945. The image is symbolic of Germany's postwar division. Photo: Jochen Moll.

Border at Hirschberg an der Saale (1964)

  • Jochen Moll


Source: Autobahn bridge near Hirschberg an der Saale (Hirschberger Brücke) that was blown up in 1945. Image 1 of 2. Date: September 1964. Photo: Jochen Moll.  
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