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The Communist Justification for the Division of Berlin (August 14, 1961)

GDR Council of Ministers’ Decision to Seal the Border (August 12, 1961)

Building the Wall: Residents Watch the Construction from the Western Side of Bernauer Strasse (August 1961)

Willy Brandt Watches the Construction of the Wall Near the Brandenburg Gate (August 13, 1961)

The West German Government’s Condemnation of the Wall (August 18, 1961)

The Day of Denial (1961)

Report on One of the First Deaths at the Zonal Border (August 30, 1961)

Tunnel Escape from East to West Berlin (January 24, 1962)

East Berliners Flee to the West (September 16, 1961)

The Border along Berlin’s Spree River (no date)

Peter Fechter at the Berlin Wall (August 17, 1962)

GDR Order to Fire on Would-be Escapees (c. 1962)

Replacement of the Stone Wall with Concrete (July 1963)

Border at Hirschberg an der Saale (1964)

Patrolling the Inner-German Border (1971)

Border in Thuringia (1971)

Sketch of an East German Border Fortification (1984)

Inner-German Border near Heldra (Hesse) (1952)

Following Several Kidnappings, Minister Jakob Kaiser Demands Stricter Border Security (July 16, 1952)

Removal of Barriers at the Border (May 1990)