On October 1, 1982, a constructive vote of no confidence was held against Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, and Helmut Kohl, the CDU parliamentary group and party leader, was elected as the new Chancellor. Immediately after being voted out of office, Schmidt congratulated his successor Kohl with a handshake. In his first policy statement on October 13, 1982, Kohl spoke of a “policy of renewal” and set the priorities of an “emergency program” for creating jobs, securing the social welfare system, a “humane immigration policy” and a renewed foreign and security policy. Kohl entered office as chancellor with the desire to represent a “spiritual and moral turnaround” in the direction of conservatism. The photo shows members of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group congratulating the new chancellor on winning the vote of no confidence.

Constructive Vote of No Confidence in the Bundestag (October 1, 1982)


Source: After winning the vote of no confidence, Kohl is congratulated my members of his parliamentary group. The photo includes, among others, Hans Klein (CSU; right behind Kohl) and Gerhard Stoltenberg (CDU; right next to Klein). Date: October 1, 1982. Location: Bonn. Photo: Peter Strack.
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