Berlin Police President Guido von Madai (1810–1892) produced semi-annual reports (referred to as “overviews”) of the Social Democratic and anarchist movements in Germany and the rest of the world beginning in 1878. The report from 1882 is featured in this chapter. The first image shows the first page of the document. The second image is a portrait of Madai dating from approximately 1875.

Berlin Police President Guido von Madai and the Social Democratic Movement (1870s and 1880s)


Source: Image 1: Facsimile reproduction in Dieter Fricke and Rudolf Knaack, eds., Dokumente aus geheimen Archiven. Übersichten der Berliner politischen Polizei über die allgemeine Lage der sozialdemokratischen und anarchistischen Bewegung 1878–1913, Band 1, 1878–1889. Weimar: Hermann Böhlaus Nachfolger, 1983, Appendix no. 4.
Image 2: Portrait photograph of Guido von Madai (c. 1875). Photographer: J. C. Schaarwächter.
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