The white-haired figure in the center of this 1889 photograph is Ludwig Windthorst (1812–1891), the leader of the Catholic Center Party and the oldest member of the Reichstag at that time (he died within two years). Taken by Julius Braatz in the foyer of the Reichstag, the photograph also shows various members of the Guelph Party, which represented the interests of the formerly independent Kingdom of Hanover and affiliated itself closely with the Center Party (as did the parties representing the Poles, Danes, and Alsace-Lorraine). Left to right (seated): Baron Heinrich Langwerth von Simmern, Windthorst, Baron Hermann von Arnswaldt-Hardenbostel; standing: Baron Werner von Arnswaldt-Böhme, Otto von der Decken.

Center Party Leader Ludwig Windthorst with Members of the Guelph Party (1889)

  • Julius Braatz


Source: In the foyer of the old Reichstag: Members of parliament in conversation. Sitting in the center is Ludwig Windthorst. Photograph: Julius Braatz (1889).
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