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A New Platform for the Free Democrats (FDP) (October 25–27, 1971)

The Green Party Platform at the Federal Level (1981)

Joschka Fischer becomes the First Green Minister of the Environment (November 4, 1985)

Joschka Fischer in the Hessian State Parliament (1985)

Definition of the Term “Parties” from the Staats-Lexikon (1845–48)

The Liberals: Heppenheim Program of the Southwest German Liberals (October 10, 1847)

The Socialists: Ferdinand Lassalle, Excerpt from “Open Letter” (1863)

The Liberals: Founding Program of the German Progressive Party (June 9, 1861)

Germany’s First Grand Coalition Government (1966)

Center Party Leader Ludwig Windthorst with Members of the Guelph Party (1889)

National Liberal Leaders (1878)

“The Favorite” (May 30, 1880)

Map: The Reichstag Elections of 1877

From Berlin Election Meetings (February 22, 1890)

Party Share of the Popular Vote in the Reichstag Elections (1871–1890)

Map: The Reichstag Elections of 1878

Map: The Reichstag Elections of 1884

Results of the Reichstag Elections (1890–1898)

Members of the Conservative Party’s Reichstag Caucus (1889)

“Chancellor’s Love” (1882)

Ferdinand Lindner, An Electoral Philistine (November 1881)

Proclamation by the Central Committee of the German Communist Party (June 11, 1945)

Principles and Aims of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (April 21, 1946)

Proclamation by the Liberal Democratic Party of Germany (LDPD) (July 5, 1945)

Anton Ackermann, the “German Path to Socialism” (February 1946)