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Anton von Werner, The Opening of the Reichstag in the White Room of the Berlin Palace by Wilhelm II on 25. June 1888 (1893)

Center Party Leader Ludwig Windthorst with Members of the Guelph Party (1889)

Interior of the Reichstag (1872)

Seating Plan of the Reichstag (1874)

A Session of the German Reichstag (1874)

Ernst Henseler, Tavern Scene (1877)

“Reichstag Dissolution” (July 7, 1878)

“For the Committee Debating the Anti-Socialist Law” (1884)

Map: The Reichstag Elections of 1877

From Berlin Election Meetings (February 22, 1890)

Party Share of the Popular Vote in the Reichstag Elections (1871–1890)

Map: The Reichstag Elections of 1878

Map: The Reichstag Elections of 1884

What the Coming Reichstag Will Look Like (1878)

Results of the Reichstag Elections (1890–1898)

Kaiser Wilhelm I’s Last Official Signature (March 8, 1888)

Bismarck in the Reichstag, Outraged by Liberal Criticism (1882)

Alexander Friedrich Werner, Bismarck Leaving the Reichstag on February 6, 1888 (1892)

“We Germans Fear God but Nothing Else in the World!” Bismarck in the Reichstag Session of February 6, 1888 (1901)

Ludwig von Windthorst, Leader of the German Center Party (c. 1870)

August Bebel and Friedrich Wilhelm Fritzsche during the Socialist Debates (September 16 and 17, 1878)

“The Socialist Jack-in-the-Box” (September 28, 1878)

Postcard Showing Portraits of Social Democratic Reichstag Deputies (1890)

Members of the Social Democratic Reichstag Caucus (1889)

Members of the Conservative Party’s Reichstag Caucus (1889)