Here is a schematic diagram of the official Reichstag seating plan during the legislative session of 1874. At the time, the Reichstag met in its provisional home in the former Royal Porcelain Manufactory at Leipziger Straße 4. Chancellor Bismarck’s seat can be seen in the first row (right), which was reserved for members of the Federal Council [Bundesrat]. That placed him near his comrade in arms, Helmuth von Moltke, who sat in the first row (seat 13) of the Conservative caucus—also, naturally, on the right side of the house. Other caucuses are denoted by various styles of crosshatching.

Seating Plan of the Reichstag (1874)


Source: Seating plan of the Reichstag in the “provisional” meeting place in the building of the Royal Porcelain Manufactory, Leipziger Strasse 4. Print (1874).
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